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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Christian Carnival CXXXI

Many thanks to John Howell at Brain Cramps for God for hosting Christian Carnival CXXX. For a couple of reasons.

First, he hosted C/C #CXXX and made it much easier to figure out what the next Roman numeral would be. Second, brother John provided all sorts of assistance this week when I wasn't sure whether I'd have a site to post on, including his willingness to forward submission emails and to back me up as the host if I needed him to. He's a great example of how the Body of Christ is alive and well in the blogosphere.

Thanks also to Dory for working me into the C/C lineup.

Doing this is a great joy - as those of you who frequent the Christian Carnival may know - because the evidences of God's love, wisdom, providence, truth, grace and mercy are everywhere and in many different forms. I draw great pleasure personally in testifying to God's presence through Creation, and I'm sure you are similarly focused on your calling. Reading these posts brings my attention to other areas of life where God is busy. Hope you'll make time this week to browse each one and comment freely.

Announcement: As you're scolling through the Carnival this week, keep in mind that starting this Thursday (Thurs, July 20 through Sun, July 23), Bloggin' Outloud is kicking off the Blogs of Summer Awards. Voting will take place July 24 to 27, with winners announced Friday, July 28th. Visit http://blogginoutloud.blogspot.com/2006/07/blogs-of-summer.html for info, graphics and a blogroll to join. A great way to help spread the word about Christian blogging. And I'm sure there are lots of potential winners to nominate right here at the Carnival!

Sprittibee shares one of her most googled posts from 2005 - a revised prayer that every parent should have a copy of.

Father David Jennings, a priest in the Ancient Apostolic Communion blogging at Left of Calvary sends in "Pimp their lives, Lord" (track back is here). His post looks at a reality TV show call "Pimp my ride" and shows the correlation to what happens when we ask for forgiveness from Jesus.

Laurie Bluedorn presents Four Approaches to the Study of Ancient Literature posted at Trivium Pursuit. Full of thoughtful advice, including this:
We should not blindly accept any work of literature. Each family is accountable to God for what they choose to use. So, in submission to the Word of God, each family should determine for itself whether something meets the standards which they have established for their family under God.
Got to check out Nicholas Kennicott's (Nick-Nacks, Notes, & Notions) post on The Attack on Younger Leaders. Let's become relevant. Let's relate to our culture and stop hiding between the walls of over-priced building projects and unfruitful programming. Let's realize that all Christians are called to be missionaries in the society in which they live. Yep. In contrast, The Way Blog says it is time we all take a serious look at what passes for youth ministry today. "Their faith is weak, and a lot of it has to do with the way youth ministry is handled today." Would love to see these two get together and hammer out some practical suggestions for youth ministry and our younger ministry leaders.

Prince of Thrift at Becoming and Staying Debt Free presents My Financial Mission Statement. Dave Ramsey encourages everyone that takes his Financial Peace University course, to create a financial mission statement. It was because of that, I decided to post my statement in my blog, setting off wave of other PF blogs to also create and post their own mission statements. So what is your financial mission? [Uh oh, sez me - now you're medd'ling, bro! db]

Jack Yoest presents Peter Shinn, The Onion, The Abortion posted at Jack Yoest. Peter Shinn is one of Your Business Blogger's favorite web tech guys. And he's active in the Pro-Life peaceful protest vanguard. Work appointments with Peter have to be scheduled around his picketing of local abortion buildings and the Supreme Court.

Jon Swift sez the folks on the Rapture Ready Forum don't seem very concerned at all with what is happening in the Middle East. "In fact, they are downright giddy at the prospect of all-out war." Looking at the Bright Side of World War III has it all.

Katie from Sisters' Weblog laments life as a single parent in today's materialistic world and struggles to trust God to provide for her needs and find rest in Him in "Single Parenting and Rest."(Trackback ) [Toughest job in the world. Will add you to the prayers we lift up for our Katie's (my daughter and my sister) if that's OK...db]

Martin LaBar's (Sun and Shield) entry for the week is Origins flowchart, "which is a flowchart of beliefs about origins, with some accompanying descriptions. It is not meant to advocate a particular position, or downgrade one (except, I guess, atheism and deism), but just to show some of the main differences."

Bill at My Bubble Life:
I'll admit that I'm a fan of David Allen's Getting Things Done, however, I'm not a cheerleader. For me, his system addressed two bottlenecks in my own philosophy at the time of reading his book. Since correcting these two flaws over three years ago, I have seen incredible improvements in productivity. His system gives you ability to respond, not react, to everything."
Reb Chaim HaQoton (the other Reb Chaim) at Reb Chaim HaQoton has an interesting bit on the angel Metatron, the "Officer of the Torah." Learn something new every day!

From Ruth (at her Journal of Ruth), "I felt a lump in my throat when I gave G the OK to axe my name from the group's mailing list. I know it’s the most logical and reasonable thing to do. So, why was I upset?"
Does it really matter that a large percentage of the community have little or no idea of what's in the Bible? What about within the Christian church? Is it important for those who claim to follow Jesus to know who this guy is that they're following? Many theologians and Bible teachers are extremely concerned by the level of Biblical illiteracy in our communities and churches. Has church been dumbed down to suit the 'me generation'?
Indeed. In the meantime, it sounds like Micah Girl has been learning deep spiritual lessons in the ordinary work of mothering a sick child in Prayers and feverish children.

Folks, welcome Roger Harris, who has just started a blog called "Altogether Lovely" with a series of short stories about Jesus as "altogether lovely" as expressed in Song of Solomon. He recommends this one called Jesus, As Seen by Someone Who Caused a Great Tragedy, based on a true account of a missionary in Bolivia who accidentally shot and killed a man on a hunting trip.
In the same deep thoughts vain as Micah Girl and Roger, Chris Alexion at Welcome to the Fallout posts Thoughts on Job, a look at what makes Job's story so compelling.

Tidbits and Treasures sends these thoughts on "Living in a materialistic world."

Brandi presents Lone Star Academy - A New Truth - Homeschoolblogger.com posted at Lone Star Academy. Homeschoolblogger.com is a great blog, by the way!

Adam Graham at Adam's Blog presents Saying No to Crack in Church. And this is a great set of etiquette rules for any spot on the blogosphere, by the way.

What does fast food have in common with faith? Find out at Light Along the Journey as Dr. John explores Taco Bell Christianity. Huh. Wonder if that's anything like Coffee Shop Christianity?

Rejecting the Church and Secular Instruments? (Trackback) Parableman Jeremy Pierce looks at Seth Zirkle's recent In the Agora post, which calls for a higher view of the local church than the contemporary church hopping mindset allows, with a critical evaluation of a remark about secular instruments.

John Rozewicki of Supreme Narcissism wanted to see a pro-bible article by an atheist. So he wrote one. It's called An Atheist’s Defense of the Bible.

Kenny Pearce presents Jesus' Witness to the Hebrew Bible, the third part in his series, "Why Believe the Bible?" This post argues that, if the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth constitute God's self-revelation to mankind, then the entire Hebrew Bible is included by reference in that revelation. The questions of which books are included and how they are inspired, according to the words of Jesus in the synoptic gospels, are also addressed. (Trackback)

Ken at Monday Morning Meditations sends a post entitled 'Sowing and Reaping" MMM asks, "While it is a given that leadership demands sacrifice, what happens if you are asked to sacrifice that which is most precious to you?"

Finally, follow this link to a post from me listing a couple of upcoming Christian ecology conferences. If you can't make them, please consider praying for those gathering together to acknowledge and cultivate the Church's scriptural role in environmental stewardship.

Mike McLoughlin is hosting next week, so get those bookmarks ready! Thanks again for dropping by and making Evaneco.com your habitat today.

Grace and peace,


Tom Gilson at Thinking Christian: Did you know there were two tin woodmen in Oz? (trackback) Probably not--the second one appears for the first time in this short snippet of a story, with a fictional twist on what's left when the heart is gone: "Only Natural"

Leslie Carbone writes about Fairfax County's efforts to force trees on Christian parents who insist that the trees would be hazardous to the four blind children they've adopted. Fairfax County bureaucrats "Can't See the Forest for the Trees..." [Interesting! I'm looking into this. db]
Cindy Swanson at Notes in the Key of Life shares some thoughts from her brother, who is in Iraq supporting and training Iraqi police. He is struck by the beauty and hope of Iraqi children.

Penitens sends in The Outsiders, brief reflections on spiritual growth inspired by "outsiders."


Blogger Cindy Swanson said...

Great job! Thanks for hosting. Some really good stuff here!

5:47 AM  
Blogger Kenny Pearce said...

Thanks for this carnival! It seems, though, that the link to my post is wrong. It should be http://blog.kennypearce.net/archives/philosophy/philosophy_of_religion/divine_revelation/why_believe_the_biblepart_3_je_1.html


10:06 AM  
Blogger Kenny Pearce said...

Let's try that again (it seems that blogger truncated it). My post is here.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Bill Tyler said...

Thanks for hosting and including my post. This is my first time on the carnival. There is so much excellent material here.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Martin LaBar said...

Thanks for doing this!

5:00 PM  
Blogger Ken said...

Don -

Thanks for hosting this. This was my first time and I enjoyed it immensely.

I can see that it would take some time to do so thanks again for putting forth the effort so we can enjoy the fruits.



5:33 PM  
Blogger Nick Kennicott said...

Thanks for the nod! I'd love to engage in a conversation regarding youth/young leader ministry. More to come if the other party is interested...

7:14 AM  
Blogger Annette said...

just kinda wondering what happened to my post? Did it somehow get missed?

9:38 AM  

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